Artist Statement

Contradiction is seductive — a juxtaposition of elements that seem at odds yet harmonize in their contrast. It's in this interplay that I find my artistic calling.

From the cold hardness of metal entwined with the buttery softness of beeswax, to the layers unveiled in the darkroom, and the bold slashes of acrylic against pure white canvas — this is the mosaic of mediums that speak to me. Photography, encaustic painting, printmaking, acrylic painting, collage, and abstract forms meld in a dance of creativity.

Embracing the unknown, I begin each piece with a spirit of experimentation and discovery. Sometimes chaos reigns at the beginning, but through exploration and a quest for balance, the true essence of the work emerges. Each piece evolves organically, revealing its authenticity in its own time.

What captivates me most in my work is the interplay of rich textures and hidden depths waiting to be uncovered. I've pushed the boundaries by incorporating unexpected elements—embedding rusty metal into wax, blending marble dust into pigment—seeking to infuse each creation with a sense of depth and intrigue.

Inspiration flows from the natural world's beauty and the depths of my inner world. As I navigate the layers of artmaking, I find parallels in the layers of my own consciousness, each stroke of creativity peeling back another layer of self-discovery.

For me, the purpose of artmaking is intrinsically linked to passion—a driving force that infuses every composition with meaning and vitality. Just as my art is a tapestry of diverse mediums, so too is my life—a tale that unfolded in my home country of Germany, where I lived the first half of my life, and now continued in California, where I embraced the transformative power of art.

As I look back, I understand that my art reflects the blend of influences from two different worlds. Once more, I'm learning to navigate the chaos and beauty that comes with merging divergent elements in my art.